Eric Hickey

President and Head Winemaker Eric Hickey began his relationship with the Laetitia Estate in 1988 when he was just 16 years old, working in the cellar with his dad, Dave Hickey, who was a production assistant for Maison Deutz at the time. Seizing the golden opportunity to apprentice with French winemakers, Eric joined the Maison Deutz team full-time after graduating from high school. From vintage to vintage, he gained a deep appreciation for the property's fruit, while also taking time to explore the Rhône, Burgundy and Bordeaux in France and participating in an extension program through U.C. Davis.

In 2000, Eric was named Head Winemaker and General Manager, overseeing the still wine program, and has since become President of Laetitia Vineyard & Winery. With a winemaking style that balances Old World tradition with cutting-edge California, Eric consistently produces generous, articulate wines that are true to the character of the Laetitia Estate.

When he isn't consumed with winery operations, he's home with his wife Kim, and daughters Cheyenne and Riley, or he's surfing.

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