Joseph J. Romano

Joseph J. Romano has been a Director and Vice President of Laetitia Vineyard and Winery since 1999. Born in Racine, Wisconsin, he comes from a long line of Italian winemakers, including both of his grandfathers who made their own wine to accompany the pasta they ate nearly every night of the week.

The common thread across Joe's long career is an interest in sustainability and renewable energy – a passion for which he has partnered with good friend Selim Zilkha for 20 years. Joe has served as President and CEO of Zilkha Renewable Energy, and Senior VP and CFO of Zilkha Energy Company. He is currently President and CEO of Olympic Energy Partners, and CEO and member of the Board of Managers of Socratech, ZZ Alztech and ZZ Biotech.

Visiting Laetitia on a monthly basis to meet with Selim and the team to discuss winery operations is a highlight of Joe's career. At home in Houston, Joe enjoys family time with his wife Anne and their three children, Joey, Regina and Natalie.

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