Nadia Zilkha

Born in London, Owner Nadia Zilkha has walked a diverse path through everything from the world of finance to event and film production, medical innovation to the responsibilities of vineyard ownership. Through it all, her focus remains achieving balance between her love for family, business, and philanthropic causes.

After pursuing a career as a financial consultant for Merrill Lynch, Nadia relocated to Los Angeles to raise two children and help found Bioplate, a medical device company. While in Southern California, she also assisted in developing a charity-based talent show for teenagers called The Rock Challenge. More recently, she produced TRICKED, a documentary about sex trafficking in the United States.

Nadia’s career in wine began in 1998, when her father, Selim Zilkha, acquired a vineyard in the Sierra Madre Mountains as well as an estate winery and vineyard in Arroyo Grande. Though neither growing region was as well known as the Napa Valley, Selim felt that both held much promise in the production of fine wines. He invited Nadia, who had cultivated her own passion and appreciation of fine wine and cuisine, to assist him in realizing the potential of his recently-purchased vineyard. Soon thereafter, Nadia joined him in launching Laetitia Vineyard & Winery and NADIA Wines as family-owned and operated brands.

Nadia has found that the wine industry allows her to express herself not only as a businesswoman, but also as a creative, adventurous artist. A gifted painter and writer, Nadia frequently applies her artistic talents to the further development of each winery brand. Instrumental in branding efforts for both labels, she often consults with the vineyard and winery crew, and can be found representing Laetitia and NADIA wines at national events and conferences.

“A winery brand is only as successful as the people who care about it, who nurture it, who impart to it some measure of singularity and vision,” says Nadia. “My father and I have been fortunate enough to work with brilliant vineyards, and an equally talented and brilliant group of people. We do everything in our power to translate these components into a family of wines that capture the senses and that deliver to the consumer a rare experience at very reasonable prices.”

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