At Laetitia Vineyard & Winery, sustainability is a concept that carries over into every aspect of the estate, whether that's using goats instead of herbicide for weed control, ensuring that all of our employees receive a comprehensive benefits package, or contributing to the community in which we work, live and play.

A passion for renewable energy and environmental responsibility can be traced to Laetitia's proprietor, Selim Zilkha, whose background includes founding a successful wind power development company. Bringing sustainable practices not only to the land, but also to the way in which Laetitia manages its employees and civic involvement, is an issue of the utmost importance to him and the entire Laetitia family. Accordingly, Laetitia wines have come to be regarded as some of the highest quality, sustainably-produced wines on the globe.

This recognition of the approach Laetitia takes to vineyard management and winemaking and it's impact on the community at large – as well as that of future generations – led to Laetitia becoming one of the first SIP Certified (Sustainability in Practice) vineyards by the Central Coast Vineyard Team. This respected organization identifies and promotes the most environmentally safe, viticulturally and economically sustainable farming methods; and qualifying for SIP certification requires a rigorous third-party audit of ten criteria including water and energy conservation, social equity, and pest management. Examples of Laetitia's commitment to stewarding its resources include vineyard practices such as re-use of compost and water reclamation and investment in cutting-edge weather station and soil moisture technology.

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