The Grapes

Wine made from estate-grown fruit is distinctive because it is the product of one artistic vision from vine to glass. At Laetitia, Vice President Vineyard Operations Lino Bozzano begins fulfilling that vision by farming the vines according to the winemakers' styles, the disposition of the varieties, and their particular growing conditions. "There is tremendous diversity in this small area, from the soils to the meso-climates," says Lino, a third-generation California farmer and graduate of Cal Poly's Crop Science program. "It's the perfect venue for understanding what site means to the wines." Having assumed the position of Vice President Vineyard Operations, Lino possesses a breadth of knowledge of the Laetitia property that includes the clonal properties, soil types and varietal composition of any given row of vines. His fastidious attention to the estate's 600+ acres of vines and the unity of purpose he shares with winemakers Eric Hickey and Dave Hickey bring clarity, focus, and grace to each bottle of Laetitia wine.

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