Laetitia’s Annual National Sales Meeting

This week we have our yearly National Sales Meeting, with all of our brokers/salespersons from across the nation! It is so cool to see all of these ‘big’ personalities in one house and even cooler to hear about their markets and their approach to selling Laetitia/NADIA wines. We sure do cherish the time we get to spend with our team and appreciate all the hard work they do for us year round! Thank you Tabitha Alger, Jeff Feinberg, Phil Dickhaus, Dan Redman, Kevin Chaney & Curt Van Hooven!


Here we are feasting on estate goat birria (a delicious marinade of Guajillo chilies, garlic, cloves, thyme, cumin, thyme, salt & vinegar) prepared by part of our vineyard team, Andres & Elizabeth Buenrostro. levitra

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