Perfume/Cologne While Tasting Wine

For the best experience while drinking or tasting wines, it is best to omit the use of perfume, cologne or other scented body products. All wines have bouquets and aromas all their own that can get lost when overwhelming perfume is added into the mix. While ruining your own wine experience, many others (I’ve learned from experience) have much more sensitive noses than one may think imaginable and getting a mouthful of Drakkar Noir can leave some people pretty peaved. Some wines like the Laetitia Sparkling Wines of the Arroyo Grande Valley in the Central Coast of California can be so delicate that even a strongly scented soap can leave ones nose completely occupied and unable to pick up all of the subtleties and nuances of the wine.

This rule also applies to smokers. As I’m sure everyone already is well-aware, cigarette and cigar smoke, while most intense after freshly toked, still leave a very noticeable and distracting scent to the overall wine experience. While one of my favorite Laetitia wines, the Laetitia Reserve du Domaine Pinot Noir can offer aromas of matured tobacco leaf, residual scent from actual smoked tobacco is unwanted and counterproductive while tasting wine. So, next time you are thinking of spritzing yourself with a little White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor before going wine tasting, or throwing on the sweatshirt you had on at the smoke-filled bar the other day…..just remember…if you want to truly experience all the wine you are about to enjoy has to offer…letting the aromas and flavors envelope you without any distraction will prove to be most educational and pleasurable. (and you will avoid any mean glares from other tasting room patrons :))


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