It’s International Grenache Day!!

Today is International Grenache Day and we couldn’t be more excited!  What does that mean, you ask?  That means that Grenache growers & producers from all around the world raise their glasses of Grenache and toast to the wonderfully versatile grape!

Factoids about Grenache:

-Grenache is pronounced (gren-NAASH).
-The top growing regions of Grenache are the Southern Rhône, Australia, Southwest Spain & California.
-Common descriptors of Grenache include: clove, jam, fig, earth, black pepper, raspberry & strawberry.
-Grenache pairs well with barbequed and roasted meats including but not limited to: pork, lamb & veal.
-In Spain it is known as Garnacha.
-It is the “G” is GSM (Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre) Blends.
-It makes for a wonderful blending wine due to it’s low levels of acid & tannin.
-It grows well in hot, sunny, dry weather and is packed with rich, jammy, spice driven flavors.

Want to try some for yourself?

Check out our Barnwood line of wines including: Grenache Rosé, Grenache Blanc, Grenache & GSM Blend (ranging from $16-$22).  Mention that it’s International Grenache Day & receive 10% off your order!

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