Cork Dorks Reunion Show in Morro Bay

Last Friday evening, winemaker (Eric Hickey), tasting room manager, (Carmen Hickey), and I (Jackie Ross) went to the Cork Dorks (KRUSH 92.5) One Year Reunion Show.  It was on a 72 FT. yacht called the Papagallo II in Morro Bay, where we recorded live with Adam Montiel and Jeremy West of the Cork Dorks along with other winemakers/winery employees.  We tried a variety of local wines that have been featured on the show and feasted on delicious appetizers(including awesome crab cakes, bacon-wrapped dates etc.-thanks Midge!).  The weather was gorgeous and clear and it couldn’t have been a more perfect night.  We recorded a great little segment while tasting our wines along with Niner wines and dominated in the “Wine Game”-made famous by the Cork Dorks.  The show should air sometime in November, make sure to tune in at 92.5 FM, or listen online at!  While on the boat, we started thinking about how fun it would be to share this experience with our fans & Laetitia Wine Club members-so keep your eyes peeled for a food & wine pairing boating adventure coming soon!

P.S. Thanks to Sally Face Cake Pops for the delicious mini cake pop desserts-they were awesome!  Visit their website here:

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