Michael Chiarello Holiday Pinots on TastingRoom.com!

We are so excited to announce that our 2009 Laetitia Reserve du Domaine Pinot Noir was hand selected by award-winning Napa Valley chef, TV host, NapaStyle founder, vintner and cookbook author-Michael Chiarello to be a part of his Holiday Pinots tasting kit on TastingRoom.com.

Michael says: “Pinot Noir is a chameleon of red wines-it’s equally good with a shellfish stew as it is with grilled quail.  Pinot Noir styles fall along the continuum of Burgundian-to California-style.  Burgundian-style wines are lean and bright, with red fruits and bright acid.  California-style Pinot Noirs are saturated with ripeness, which you’ll notice in the color and concentration of black fruits.  For lighter Pinots, I like clams, mussels, salmon and roast chicken.  For the medium Pinot, I like lean pork, quail, squab, as well as rabbit.  For full-bodied, California-style Pinots, try meat stews, coq au vin, or leaner meats.”

We are proud to be included in this kit and encourage you to try it for yourself on TastingRoom.com!  Also, check out the New York Times article on the kits here: Sip a Little Wine Now, Buy a Bottle Later.

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