Sparkling Wines-the Sugar Breakdown

Demi-Sec, Brut Nature, Extra Dry….what exactly does this sparkling and Champagne-exclusive terminology mean?  This guide will tell you how much dosage(sugar) was added after the wine went through it’s second fermentation and what you should expect from your next bottle of bubbles.


Doux-intensely sweet(>55 g/L of sugar)-Sugary sweet dessert wine, can act as your sole dessert!

Demi-sec-sweet(33-55 g/L of sugar)-Semi-sweet wine, also considered a dessert-style but is great with Indian food and Chinese dishes.

Secmedium-dry(17-35 g/L of sugar)-Not a dessert wine, but still has apparent sweetness.  Great with chocolate-dipped fruit.

Extra Dry-off to medium dry(12-20 g/L of sugar)-Just a “kiss” of sweetness.  A very desirable style and pairs well with a wide range of foods.

Brutdry to very dry(<15 g/L of sugar)-Most common and dry overall, but you may be able to detect a bit of sweetness.  Goes well with rich cheeses; bleu cheese, goat cheese, brie.

Extra Brut-very dry(0-6 g/L of sugar)-Tastes very dry and tart and is great with scallops, lobster and similar seafoods.

Brut Natureextremely enamel-stripping dry(0-3 g/L of sugar)-The driest of sparkling wines/Champagnes-no sugar/minimal sugar added, works well with roasted chicken and cream sauces.

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