Pruning at Laetitia

It is a beautiful time of year at Laetitia, we have recently completed pruning and are awaiting our first growths of the year.  This is a fresh beginning to a new vintage and we are eagerly anticipating what this year will bring.  Below are pictures of our Pinot Noir vines undergoing pruning.  In the first set of pictures you will see our workers performing spur pruning.  Spur pruning means leaving one arm on the wire and trimming back spurs to maintain the vine growth.  We spur train parts of our vineyard in areas where we have more vigorous vines because the vine is fruitful enough on its 1st and 2nd bud and doesn’t require long canes.  With spur training it is also easier to maintain vine architecture, because you can control approximately where the vines grow.

In the second set of pictures we have an example of cane pruning in our La Coupelle vineyard.  On a cane pruned vine two healthy, thick vines are kept, while all others are removed.   At Laetitia, we leave 2 to 4 canes per vine without renewal spurs.  Typically renewal spurs are left to have allow for new canes for the upcoming year, but we find that renewal spurs create atypical dominance (uneven growth) and since we have started removing these we noticed an evening of the canopies.  When cane pruning, we notice more yield consistency over a long period of time.  Enjoy!




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