It’s Chardonnay Day!

It’s International Chardonnay Day!  What does that mean?  Today is the day we celebrate  the wonderfully diverse grape that hails from Burgundy, France, but can grow just about anywhere-Chardonnay!  Although Chardonnay is at it’s best on the rolling slopes of Bourgogne, it is also commonly found in California, Oregon, Washington, Australia, South Africa, South America and even New Zealand.  This is a wine that varies greatly depending on climate, soil and winemaking style and because of it’s adaptability is very popular.  While cooler climates lend Chardonnays with crisp, acid-driven qualities, warmer climates produce heavier Chardonnays that tend to show tropical fruit characteristics.  Chardonnay also adapts very well to oak, as one may taste it in many of the wines.  When pairing Chardonnay with food, think baked, grilled, sauteed or roasted poultry, seafood, or other dishes of medium weight and intensity.  If the wine is oaked – buttery and creamy sauces work well also.  Check out our sweet suggestion below-Laetitia Estate Chardonnay & Lemon Meringue Pie…what’s not to love!?


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