Vineyard Update with Lino Bozzano

Today I visited the vineyard with VP of Vineyard Operations, Mr. Lino Bozzano, for a little vineyard update.  Here’s the current scoop at Laetitia Vineyard & Winery:

In the vineyard we are in the process of cleaning up, mowing and hedging, where needed.  Our vines are going through veraison and are about 4 weeks out from the start of harvest for sparkling wines and 6-8 weeks for still wine fruit.  Our clusters look heavier this year and are still expected to grow by 80%.  We are seeing cluster weights at this point that we saw at harvest last year, which is a promising sign of a bountiful harvest.  For the Laetitia flavor profile, and Pinot Noir in general, it is crucial to have a good amount of seeds per berry, as it is the primary source of tannin for the wine.  Our berries are spot-on this year, with around 2-3 seeds in each.  We are very happy with the state our vineyard is in and are enjoying the calm before the harvest storm.

Take a peek at the pictures below illustrating the above and also a few snaps of the beautiful prickly pear cactus on the property, enjoy!


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