2012 Harvest Wrap Up from Eric Hickey

The calm after the storm.  Harvest 2012 is complete.  What was it like?  Let Winemaker Eric Hickey fill you in on the details:

“Harvest started late due to the cool summer we had.  About 20% of the Pinot Noir was in the 23.5 brix range, putting us at alcohols of around 13.2%.  The crop was moderately sized, but when comparing it to the last two years, it was right where it needed to be.  The fruit this year has been very expressive with abundant red fruit and cherry notes.  Something that set this year apart from years past was that once we started harvesting, we had no lull until all of the fruit was in.  The first heat wave we had lasted 3 days and helped move along ripeness and phenolics while the second 5 day heat wave ripened up the remaining fruit on the vines.  Overall this year at Laetitia, we have noticed that the Pinots have a very soft, full, ripe profile, unlike the jammy characters we sometimes see.  We also had lower acidity across the board, which will make for luscious,  well-balanced 2012 wines.

Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard, our sister property in Santa Barbara County(at the base of the Sierra Madre Mountains), had a near perfect growing season this year.  We had no frost or sunburn that we have endured in years past, and we had ideal temperatures year-round, as well as perfect harvesting conditions.  In the fruit we have already noticed good expressions of flavors and great color, which is a breath of fresh air coming off of vintages like 2011 and 2010.  All around with the 10+ varieties we grow out at SBHV we have noticed great quality and quantity and are excited to share some of these wines with you beginning next year and the years to follow..”

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