How to store wine

Despite what you may have heard, storing wine is fairly simple and commonsensical.  Here is a quick list of tips, but above all, remember that consistency is most important-that and enjoying your wine!

  • Dark places are best, with little or no exposure to heat or sunlight.  Heat exposed wines can leak and change in color.  Bottles exposed to sunlight can have an off taste, and keep in mind that wines with clear glass are especially sensitive.
  • It is best to keep your cellar temperature above 55° F and below 65° F.  Consistency is key here, a few degrees either way won’t spoil your wine, drastic temperature swings will.
  • Keep bottles on their side, and no tampering!  This will ensure that the wine doesn’t oxidize and will allow the sediment to properly settle in a red wine.
  • If possible, keep your wine cellar at a higher level of humidity (between 65-75%).  This will ensure that the wine doesn’t suffer oxidation from cork shrinkage. Play Pin Up Casino online. Videoslots, pin-up girls in real games.



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