Cover Crop at Laetitia

When driving up to the tasting room during the springtime it’s hard to miss the neon green cover crop in between the perfectly paralleled vineyard rows.  Cover crop plays an important part in our wine growing process at Laetitia.  We plant our cover crop in late fall, after the completion of harvest.  The cover crop mixture we use is a blend of cereal and legumes and it is planted in alternating tractor rows of all the vineyard blocks.  This blend is used because it is best suited for the physical and chemical aspects of our soil.   Although this crop provides many soil and environmental benefits to the vineyard, we are able to achieve the primary goals of reducing soil erosion and nutrient leaching during the wet winter months.  Secondly, we are able to increase soil organic matter and soil bio-diversity during the early Spring months.  In addition to improving the overall soil structure, the cover crop promotes a favorable environment for the build-up of beneficial predators that feast on vineyard pests.  Next time you are heading up the driveway to the tasting room, stop and have a closer look at the cover crop and you might notice some of our friendly insects doing their part to produce world-class, sustainable wines!

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