30th Anniversary through the eyes of Dave Hickey

Back in 1985 I was offered a job to work at what was then Pressoir Deutz Winery.  It was a brand new winery right on the 101 freeway.  We bottled our single 1984 sparkling wine that spring and little did I realize that I would still be here in 2013 to see the start of our 30th vintage of wines.  I was just a young man of 31 years of age with a young family consisting of my lovely wife Carmen, 2 boys ages 12 and 8, and a baby boy just 6 months old. MTV and Magnum PI were the coolest things on TV, we didn’t have a K-Mart or a Walmart in the area, and going on vacation meant stuffing the Chevy van with surfing and camping gear and then heading up the coast. Back in those days, our vineyard was much smaller and our vines were very young.  We only had a few wine tanks, most of the winery was empty, there was only one Coquard Champagne Press and we had to buy most of our grapes.  Our tasting room had never been opened, and there were only two employees – myself and the winemaker.  Needless to say, there was a lot to learn and a lot of work to do!

Wow, how things have changed!  I gave up trying to surf a long time ago and the boys are now grown men that all worked at the winery as they grew up. Two of them are working here still and one of them happens to be my boss( President & Winemaker Eric Hickey)! That’s OK because I love my job and I really wouldn’t want his. And he actually is a pretty good boss. The addition of three beautiful daughters-in-law, two granddaughters and two grandsons now make family vacations a seriously fun treat! These days the vineyard is beautifully mature, the winery is completely full, and thousands of visitors come to our tasting room every year.  We’ve changed our name to Laetitia and we’ve changed our focus to producing still wines – in particular rich and complex Pinot Noirs.  But we still produce bubbles – not just one, but seven different sparkling wines!

It has been an amazing journey. It’s hard to believe that Harvest 2013 produced the wines for our 30th Vintage.  I guess time flies when you’re making sparkling wine.

Celebrate with us and purchase one of our magnums, etched with our 30th Anniversary logo. These one of a kind magnums (1.5L) are signed by Winemaker Eric Hickey and are filled with our 2012 Reserve du Domaine Pinot Noir, one of our most popular varietals.


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