Guest Blog from Owner, Nadia Zilkha: AWS Tasting in the Electric City

Last Tuesday, I was invited by the American Wine Society in Scranton, Pennsylvania to talk about Laetitia, NADIA and all things wine. It was one of the coldest days and also one where 8 inches of snow were predicted for the area.

I called David Falchek that morning to see whether the event may have been cancelled, fortunately for me the AWS members in Scranton, the 3rd largest chapter in the country were devoted and committed.


Scranton was once a hub for coal-and-iron production and is probably best known today as the setting for the TV show, The OfficeOur meeting was in the Scranton Cultural Center, originally a gothic Masonic Temple designed in 1930 by William Hood, the designer of Rockefeller Center in New York. I knew I had to behave.

I was somewhat nervous as this was my first time talking to such a large group. I felt well prepared as I was discussing a subject so dear to my heart. There were 60 or so members present who had ventured out in the cold to hear me and each person was supportive, friendly and receptive. I soon gathered momentum, made jokes and together we created an ambiance that was magic- convivial, educational and fun.

My favorite moment was Q&A (you learn so much from people’s questions), and tasting the wines. Our first  flight consisted of NADIA Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Laetitia Pinot Estate 2012 and Pinot Reserve 2011. I loved tasting the Pinots side by side and drawing a comparison between the taste, color and finish of both. Each of our Pinots has such distinct flavors. It would be a mistake to say one is better than the other. All are great food wines and leave you wanting more. Our next flight was the Brut Cuvée and my namesake Cabernet from the Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard, topped off with a glass of Laetitia Whole Cluster Pinot Noir. I explained the process for the whole cluster Pinot, I talked about our basket presses, and I relaxed.

Later that evening we went out for beer at Coopers. A well earned drink, but I was left wanting more Laetitia….

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