Easter Wine Pairings

There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to pairing food and wine for Easter celebrations but there is definitely a method to the madness. Here are a few different ways to go about pairing wine with food; pair wines that mimic the flavors of the foods, or wines that balance the highs and lows of the food(think; a butter poached salmon with a rich Chardonnay with accents of butter from the oak regimen, or a sweet honey ham with a bright, white Rhône-style blend with nice acids to temper the sweetness). Below are a few of our favorite combinations, let us know what your family favorites are and what you plan on cooking up this year. Wishing you a safe and Happy Easter on behalf of the Laetitia Vineyard & Winery Family! 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries & 2010 Laetitia Brut de Blancs – The sweetness of the strawberries is tamed by the lively citrus notes in this sparkling wine comprised of Chardonnay & Pinot Blanc. The rich milk chocolate balances the bright fruit flavors of fresh lime and zesty pineapple with a more intense note, bringing out a hint of yeastiness in the wine.

Butter Poached Salmon & 2013 Laetitia Pinot Gris – The rich, buttery flavors of the salmon is beautifully countered by the tart citrus and stone fruit notes in the Gris which cuts through the richness of the fish. If you go grilled or smoked with your salmon, look to our 2012 Laetitia Reserve du Domaine Chardonnay with prevalent toasty oak nuances.

Roasted Chicken or Turkey & 2012 Laetitia Estate Pinot Noir  This pairing is all about the beautiful crispness of the skin on a slow roasted piece of succulent poultry that is simply divine with our light Pinot Noir with hints of framboise, ripe cherry and baking spices.

Prime Rib & 2012 Laetitia Reserve du Domaine Etched Magnum – This is a particularly mouth-watering pairing that’s a no-brainer in our book. Rich, extracted notes of black fruits, leather and white pepper make our Reserve Pinot a perfect pick for a marbled cut of prime rib. Perfectly in harmony, without the wine or food stepping out in front of one another. (And, the magnum because we know you’ll want more than a couple glasses!)

Spring Lamb & 2011 NADIA Grenache – A match made in heaven. Braise the lamb in red wine to bring out more of the fruit driven qualities in the wine.

easter wine

Honey Glazed Ham & 2012 NADIA White – The floral and perfume notes of the wine bring a light elegance to the savory, salty flavors of the ham. Clove spice infused in the meat shows similar flavors of nutmeg and allspice in the wine. The sweet honey glaze is a great contrast to the hazelnut flavors and dry style of this Rhône-style blend.

Roasted Spring Vegetables & 2013 NADIA Sauvignon Blanc – The earthiness of roasted root vegetables is nicely balanced by the tart citrus characters in the Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh minerality brings out the natural sweetness in the cooked vegetables.

Waldorf Salad & 2013 NADIA Grenache Rosé – The freshness of this fruit and nut based salad is nicely complemented by the bright strawberry and green apple characters in the Rosé. The vibrant beams of acidity in the wine nicely cut through the richness of the mayonnaise dressing.

Lemon Meringue Pie & 2013 NADIA Orange Muscat – The citrus characters in both the wine and the pie coexist nicely, while the whipped meringue adds a supple softness to the orange peel and white flower notes in the wine. Try with a graham cracker crust on your pie, as the essence of summer peaches and and fresh minerality beg for a substantial, buttery crust.

Marshmallow Peeps & Non-Vintage Laetitia XD – We just love this combination. Sweet, gooey marshmallow is given a ‘lift’ from the prevalent acids in our semi-sweet sparkler.

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