Guest Blog from Owner, Nadia Zilkha: A New Twist

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If you’re on our e-mail list you’ve probably noticed that we’ve just released our 2013 spring 2 pack: the Laetitia Pinot Gris and NADIA Grenache Rosé. We’re selling together at 15% off in the Tasting Room and on our web cart.Shop for 2 pack

These refreshing spring/summer wines will drink well as an aperitif or alongside a meal of spring vegetables, cooked shellfish, pasta and more. The cooks amongst us will soon be sharing their favorite recipes but the geek in me is more interested in our decision to convert to screw caps on some of our whites.

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Over the past decade we spent a lot of time thinking about the benefits of screw cap versus cork closures. As a group we wondered about your feelings. Would you miss the traditional cork? How did you feel about this recent trend in the marketplace? After one year’s trial on a mobile bottling line, there were more than enough ‘yeahs’ for us to invest in our own machinery.

We decided to put screw caps only on our youngest white wines; those that required the least cellaring and that would be consumed soonest. The new GAI machine seamlessly slotted into our bottling line. Bottling is slightly slower now as there is an extra step when the lever lowers to secure the seal firmly. The quality is perfect, bottle variation minimal; we know no oxygen can penetrate the bottle, freshness is sealed in, and what’s more as there is no cork, these wines will never be “corked”!

Closures are now far more attractive.  At Laetitia, we’re using Stelvin Lux which has no visible threads on the outside. It not only works very well but also preserves the look of a traditional cork capsule.

Our winemaker Eric is thrilled with the results. The feedback has been tremendous. Screw caps make service easier. While some may miss the drama of uncorking a bottle of wine, for real drama we always recommend uncorking a bottle of sparkling Laetitia!

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Now here’s my confession: I actually had to learn how to open a screw cap bottle. Initially I tried to separate the upper part of the capsule from the lower part but it never worked especially if the bottle was chilled. I learned to hold the whole capsule and twist it slightly till it loosened from the bottle; then the top cap separated easily. Although counterintuitive, my technique is foolproof.

Ultimately and certainly one of the best things for those of us who just want only one glass or two, screw cap bottles can go back in the fridge and stay fresh without having to fiddle with additional sealing devices. This is an incredible bonus and I take great comfort knowing that the glass I have tomorrow and the following day will be pretty much the same as the one I have just had now.

Now to web cart to order.

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