Guest Blog from Owner, Nadia Zilkha: Celebration Bubbles

Last week I spent some time around the vineyards of New York’s Long Island, and was startled by how far behind the vines were in contrast to ours at Laetitia. Of course, this was hardly a surprise considering the winter we’ve just had on the East Coast but wandering outside of Duckwalk Vineyards in Watermill, made me realize how much pleasure I’ve gotten over the past 15 years from being on the inside at Laetitia.


When my father, Selim bought Laetitia in 1998 I knew very little about the process of winemaking, wine growing and wine selling. Of course I enjoyed it from a consumer’s standpoint and I knew which wines I liked and even which glasses were appropriate for different wine varieties. But the truth is that being an owner at Laetitia has not only immensely increased my knowledge of wines and its business, it has become an important aspect of my identity and thinking. I’m proud of our winery, proud of our wines and proud that I come from a family tradition that has allowed me to follow in my father’s footsteps and join him as an owner. His business style is very different from mine but we have a common thread where we complement each other and have created a wonderful family business supported by an appreciation of our employees, our land and our wines.

Of course I’m very aware that being in this position of ownership is a great privilege, and I am constantly reminding myself that with this privilege comes great responsibility. One is to make sure that I convey my passion for Laetitia. I love to share all facets of our winery story that like all winery and family stories is unique. It’s been a great journey thus far and one that I am looking forward to sharing with you over the next 30 years.

Speaking about sharing, Selim and I will be attending our “Meet the Owner/ 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner” on May 9th. It’s been ages since I had the opportunity to interact with you, our consumers and wine club members, and what better occasion than a double birthday party. It’s 30 years since Maison Deutz’s first vintage and, exactly one half of that, 15 years, since we bought the winery. A perfect opportunity for bubbles, wine and great food at the cool Estate House.

Our local Chef José Dahan, from Et Voila, always prepares a delicious meal, and I’m excited to see how Eric and Dave will be pairing it with our wines. Will we have a chance to taste some of the new Grenache Rosé? What surprises will Eric have up his sleeve?

Yes, it’s been a while since my last Laetitia dinner and it feels like coming home. I look forward to seeing you there. Maybe I’ve met you before, maybe you’re a newbie but whatever your status I can assure you that you will be treated like a most honored guest at our table.

See you in Arroyo Grande!

— Nadia


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