Brut Coquard Vertical

It is rare that we have the opportunity to offer a vertical of any of our wines, let alone one of our Sparkling Winemaker’s favorites. Our Brut Coquard, simply put, was first made as a tribute to the wooden coquard basket presses we use to press our fruit destined  for the sparkling wine program. Back in the late 90’s, we did some experimentation and vacillated back and forth between using membrane presses and coquard presses for our sparkling wines. Consistently, the juice coming out of our coquard presses was cleaner and more gently pressed, resulting in less of the harsh characters brought about by excess pressing of the stems, skins and seeds. It was at this point that we decided moving forward, all sparkling wine fruit was only to be pressed in our coquard presses. Although these presses have been used since day 1, we thought that this decision called for an acknowledgement. We reached out to the manufacturers of the presses in France, and they approved the name, Laetitia Brut Coquard.

The Laetitia Brut Coquard was designed to showcase what we we are known for at Laetitia, our world-class estate Pinot Noir.coquardsmall A blend of roughly 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay, the wine wafts aromas of toasted pecan, raspberry mousse and freshly baked pie crust with vibrant and mouth-watering acidity. Our first vintage of Brut Coquard was 2000, which was also the first year of our Brut de Blancs and Brut de Noirs. Before this time, we were only producing 3 sparkling wines; our Brut Cuvée, Cuvée M and Brut Rosé. When crafting the Coquard each year, Sparkling Winemaker Dave Hickey is looking for the Pinot Noir lots that will age well, as this wine is on tirage longer than the others. While this makes for a rewarding wine, due to the long wait and beautiful aged characters, it is also one that Dave gets to worry about a little longer.

For a limited time, you can experience our 2007, 2008 and 2009  Brut Coquard for 15% off retail. Wine Club Members take 25% off.

Retail Price: $105 Sale Price: $89.25 Wine Club Price: $78.75

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