Guest Blog from Owner, Nadia Zilkha: Women and Wine

DSC06771What a glorious time to be at Laetitia! This past week we hosted 20 women who work for our distributor in California, Southern Wines and Spirits and its fine wine division, American. They explained to me that unlike men who frequently bond over Super Bowl or other sporting events, the Women and Wine counterpart at Southern, enjoys traveling together on educational trips as a way of sealing friendships and growing professionally.

I have rarely met so many women who were equally enthusiastic and engaged in their careers. They praised Southern for presenting them with numerous opportunities for growth, and for rewarding their hard work and results. Over lunch, they discussed career paths, the balancing of work and families, their hopes and aspirations and of course, restaurants, food and wine. I was struck by how open, appreciative, professional and successful they all were.

Tabitha Alger, our Southwest Regional Sales Manager, organized the event beautifully.  We toured our famous Coquard presses, (the only 2 round ones in California), were treated to a winery tour from Sparkling Winemaker Dave Hickey, who cunninglyswsladies engaged the ladies in a soon to be new Olympic sport, a very spirited Riddling competition. The games continued after lunch on the terrace of the Estate House, where we tasted 4 competitive sets and the women who identified both the most (and the least) wines each won a bottle.

Games over, the ladies boarded the bus leaving behind them a delicious, silky, long finish, and …I would definitely endorse the gentlewoman’s way of doing business!  Now, bring on some sales…

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