Guest Blog from Owner, Nadia: Laetitia & NADIA at the American Wine Society

I entered the wine business for two reasons—one, my father asked me to join him in his new venture and two, I absolutely love wine. Later, when we named one of our brands NADIA, after me, which I felt mixed about I decided it was OK because my favorite line is, “You never know where life will take you,” and that became the tagline for NADIA wines. Well, fast-forward 14 years and look at where my life with Laetitia has taken me. Here.

IMG_0008The mission of AWS is to promote the appreciation of wine through education. We have a similar mission at Laetitia and have contributed in an important way to this goal. David Falchek from the Scranton chapter gave me a warm and very kind introduction. I felt privileged to have been invited by him to present at the National Conference, so thank you, David! The energy last Friday in Charlotte, N.C., was as high as it gets and I felt honored to receive such a receptive audience.

Our session was interactive and I peppered my remarks with stories of our family’s history at Laetitia, our properties, our grapes and our facilities. I told personal stories about the owl who got caught then released from the vineyard netting a few vintages back, IMG_0052Lucky our not-so-lucky recently deceased llama and my early morning walks through the vineyards. I hit the points that make Laetitia so special, like the benefits of being an Estate vineyard, of our SIP certification and the fact that Laetitia is the largest contiguously planted, family owned Pinot Noir vineyard in California. All in all, I conveyed our basic principle: from the estate winery through the SIP certification, we do this all to produce the best possible wines for our audience, the wine consumer.

I discussed our 10 different Pinot Noir clones and how we’ve matched these individual clones to the entire terroir of our vineyard. I emphasized the incredible expertise of IMG_0104Eric Hickey and Lino Bozzano in the creating our excellent Pinot Noir vines and wines. We did a comparative tasting of our Pinots: the 2012 Laetitia Estate, Reserve and Whole Cluster Pinots each one presenting the distinctive Laetitia spice, (our house style). It was wonderful to see them come to appreciate the product of our expert handling of the grapes and the winemaking in the different blends.

We tasted the 2013 NADIA Sauvignon Blanc and 2012 NADIA Cabernet Sauvignon B1SjXYxIIAAkqsecontrasting the Bordeaux varietal from the Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard to the Burgundian wines of Arroyo Grande. Since no Laetitia tasting would be complete without a glass of bubbly, we sipped the NV Brut Cuvée last.

We raised our glasses to the rain gods in hopes that the desperately needed rain would come to the Central Coast. Sure enough an inch of rain fell that Halloween night. Wow, call it a Halloween miracle.

On behalf of our team, thank you AWS! I left filled with pride for what we’re accomplishing at Laetitia Vineyard & Winery and gratitude that it’s being met with such appreciation.

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