Guest Blog from Owner, Nadia Zilkha: An Ode to Bottles

What I fondly refer to as the ‘chimney place’ in the Tasting Room at Laetitia is far from a chimney place. It’s closer to a ‘trophy place.’ Though we are fortunate to have aIMG_7210 number of specific varietals with their own awards on our shelves, this is a different sort of trophy place—it refers back to special highlights over our 30 years in business and is chock full of special memories.

On the far right we have one of my great loves, our 30th year anniversary bottle, made last year to commemorate 30 years in the wine business. I’m so fond of it because it illustrates the time it takes to create history, a good following and great wines. It’s literally a testament to the time and energy we’ve invested in Laetitia.

IMG_7214I don’t like to play favorites, but in the case of the etched bottle with a mannequin on it, the 2005 Les Galets Pinot Noir, I must. Based on an original painting that hangs in the Tasting Room by artist Steve Leal, this art deco image was used on bottles we donated to the Central Coast Wine Classic several years ago. Candace Norcross finished etching the image on a bottle and it popped! It has a wonderful sensual elegance and is really beautiful, cool and retro at the same time and it stands as an important part of Laetitia’s history.

Another beloved, the Chardonnay bottles etched with our first Laetitia labels, also designed by Steve Leal. These were before we had the L for Laetitia label. It has an image of the landscape at the winery. I refer to these as the sunny labels: yellow, golden and happy.

In case you don’t know, Laetitia is a great supporter ofIMG_7215 the LA Opera. To celebrate the opening of the movie The Phantom of the Opera in 2004 we designed our “Phantom” jeroboam of Brut Coquard bubbles. We made the bottle, poured it and then brought it home to rest with us. How’s that for a memory?

To see our signature label with the blue crest can only mean “Les Galets”. We produced these magnums to sell over the years. I love the single vineyards for their singular focus and wish I could open up a bottle right now, so it’s a good thing it’s safe on the mantel…

IMG_7216No line up at Laetitia would be complete without our top of the line Laetitia Cuvée M sparkler. This was the first year the Cuvée M was made (1994). It evokes memories of special celebrations at Laetitia and every day moments.

We’re lucky to have these bottles as mementos and we treasure them and we want you to share your memories of Laetitia too. Maybe you have bottles on top of your fireplace that have special meaning. Or perhaps you can create new ones by buying some from our tasting room and enjoying them on your adventures, or saving them. Then you can put a memory, or many, on your mantelpiece as well. Let our wines and bottles that are made with such love and attention to detail hold as many memories for you as they do for us!

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