Guest Blog from Owner, Nadia Zilkha: A Perfect Pairing of Delicious Food, Wine and Guests

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One of the joys of working in the wine business is tasting fabulous and unusual food paired with our wine. The creativity that goes into pairings always astounds me and I was certainly surprised and thrilled by our dinner at Portofino in Atlanta this last Tuesday night.

Our 30-year-old chef Matt Marcus created an out-of-this-world meal from a 200lb pig. We must have eaten every part of this animal that he proudly cut up with a paring knife. Body parts such as ‘Lardo’, ‘Pancetta’, ‘Loin’, ‘Saus’, ‘Shoulder’ and finally ‘Bacon’ to match the chocolate and hazelnut dessert were transformed into wonderful tastes and textures.

We had plenty of time to savor each dish with the interesting pairings. The saus melted in my mouth along with the single vineyard wines 2012 La Colline and the 2012 Les Galets.  The cured pork loin with pickled cucumber surprised me as I enjoyed our 2013 Pinot Noir Estate and the 1.5L of 2013 Pinot Noir Reserve. It’s great to taste unexpected flavors that blend so well.

The whole evening was very lively peppered with great discussions about our wines, our philosophy and our points of difference.

I was so proud to be part of this evening and will watch chef Matt Marcus’ career with great interest as it develops. I hope to see him at the James Beard House very soon.

Many thanks to the team at Atlantic Wine and at Portofino that put on this dinner. Their loyal following of customers came out in force in spite of the rain. They were enthusiastic, receptive and charming. The evening was a perfect pairing of delicious food, wine and guests.

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