Guest Blog from Owner, Nadia Zilkha: This is not selling, this is privilege!

IMG_2254Magic is the word I use as I reflect back on last week in Atlanta. Selling is hard. Or at least that’s what I used to think when I sold stocks and bonds at Merrill Lynch back in the 80s. I was pretty young and didn’t necessarily believe in the products I was selling. They were an idea that I couldn’t experience as tangible.

The wonderful thing about presenting the Laetitia and NADIA wines is that they speak for themselves. They’re alive! They’re well made, food friendly, restrained with the right amount of fruit on the palate and are a true representation of the terroir on which they’re grown. And of course the family story behind the wines is in my blood.

Now when you’re showing 6 different wines you don’t expect everyone to love everything, on the other hand my reception in each place was that our wines delivered much more than was expected from their price.

My tour of Atlanta ended last Thursday evening at Cafe Lily in Decatur where the charming Anthony Pitillo and IMG_2258his mother Betty hosted another spectacular wine dinner based on their Mediterranean cuisine. Wine Director Katie McLellan enthusiastically poured our wines.

I never realized that our Chardonnay would pair so well with the Gigantes Salata where the Vidalia onions oozed with fresh sweetness. I enjoyed the fruit and spice on our 2012 NADIA Cabernet with the mouth-watering tender lamb Pinchitos. Chef Anthony smartly chose to end the meal with 3 different savory cheeses which were perfect with our Magnums of 2012 Laetitia Reserve Pinot Noir.

Each wine dinner gives an opportunity for new discoveries. Last week was no exception. The combination of welcoming guests and hosts, delicious food and wine, made me ever so grateful to be in a space where I can present something I love and enjoy. I feel that this is not selling, this is a privilege. Thank you!

You never know where life will take you.

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