Guest Blog from Head Winemaker, Eric Hickey: Laetitia Chardonnay

LaetitiaVineyard-44We tend to be a little Pinot-centric around here. Of course having 440 acres of Pinot Noir vines to work with will do that to you. But we also grow another fantastic varietal – Chardonnay. We have 85 acres spread out in three main areas of our ranch and make three different bottlings – Estate, Reserve du Domaine and Clone 17.

When asked to describe the style of our Chardonnay I always start with this statement – “It’s not your big, buttery, oaky California style Chardonnay.”

And it’s a true statement. I then like to remind people of our sparkling wine. Our vineyard site was specifically chosen by the French 30+ years ago to grow Chardonnay grapes that remained acidic, delicate and fresh with green apple and citrus characters – everything you want for making sparkling wine.

So, following this logic, the vines that we grow our Chardonnay for still wine are living in the same conditions DHP-LVW-10-3-08-090-7and therefore have the same characteristics – higher acidity, bright citrus notes and a balance of richness that is not overpowering, heavy or sappy. The oak is a part of the wine, not THE wine.

I invite you to enjoy any of the three Chardonnays we produce and appreciate the unique style our vineyard creates.

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