2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Part Two

IMG_3345The White Wine Enthusiast – Possibly even more loyal than red wine enthusiasts, I RARELY see them drinking anything other than Chardonnays..ok maybe that is just my mom, but in any event..here are some gifts we think they would love! Sangria bowl with cups and serving spoon. This just has SO many possibilities! White wine sangria, non-alcoholic punch, mulled wine-we could go on and on! This shirt is too much. We definitely meant Chardon-YAY! Just get it. The second edition of The Wine Bible was JUST released in October! This book is perfect for anyone to have on hand for just about any wine questions. (Did we mention there is a little Laetitia love in the book? AND we are getting some to sell in our tasting room?) Chardonnay soap! Not only do we love this because the company that makes it is in our backyard, but who doesn’t want the smell of a crisp Chardonnay in their shower? We know we do.. This wine glass cell phone case is sure to provide hours of entertainment AND protect your phone at the same time…win/win. Our 2014 Estate Chardonnay, a perfect crowd-pleasing Chardonnay with bright, energetic fruit, perfectly balanced with a whisper of sweet oak (also-it conveniently comes with a screw cap..not that you will have any left over). The Corkcicle! We have recommend this before and we are recommending it again because we love the idea of chilling down your wines without watering them down. They have lots of fun variations now too that include aerators, etc.


The Dessert Wine Afcionado – We don’t always have dessert wines in stock, probably because when we do they literally fly off the shelves. This IMG_3344 year we are lucky enough to be offering TWO Ports (a Tawny and a 2007) and our ever-popular Orange Muscat. They are such a fun addition to our portfolio of wines and make for really fun conversation over dessert at our winemaker dinners. If you ever get the chance-ask Winemaker Eric Hickey about the ‘monster under the stairs’ in our cellar. Moving right along..this wine decanter is really fun for dessert wines because of how long they last due to their sugar content (with minimal oxygen contact) and because the stopper says ‘wine’ you are safe from anyone trying to put whiskey in your decanter.. These coasters make me laugh every time I look at them. Maybe because I am married to an Irishman and this really does ring true for him. Wine Aux napkins, perfect play on words for the old-world wine drinkers in your life. These personalized wine tasting flight boards are the perfect size for tasting different dessert wines, and the chalkboard front makes labeling easy! Chocolate tasting cups for Port should just be mandatory..not sure there are any two things in life that go better together. The only thing cooler than these Sparq Wine Pearls are personalized wine pearls! They are sure to cool off your dessert wine and make you look good while doing so.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and come by our tasting room or website for our holiday wine specials and new releases! And remember, when in doubt – get them a gift wine club membership!

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