My visit to Chicago – The Windy City

On June 7th the Windy City was bustling! Conventions filled the city, jasmine scented it, the restaurants were crowded, there were concerts in Millennium Park, and the Art Institute was in action. All evidence that Chicago was doing its thing.

For Laetitia, Chicago is a city that matters a lot. It’s a market full of sophisticated diners and consumers and a place where we compete with the best of the best.

So in this taste mecca—how do we to differentiate ourselves? 

ChicagoPictureMy PowerPoint… Yes, Sheryl Sandberg, I used one! For the pictures of course… Anyway, my PowerPoint of pictures emphasized that we’re not a conglomerate, but a family winery. We take the environment seriously and we make wines that are true to their varietal type, and that offer great value.

I also stressed that we are experts in our region. For example, our vineyard manager, Lino Bozzano, knows which of our 425 acres of Pinot Noir are planted to which 10 different clones. He knows which soils make this marriage perfect and which vines may be stressed. A certain amount of stress is good for vines but you don’t want too much.

In addition, our winemaker, Eric Hickey collaborates masterfully with Lino’s expertise to create our dynamic wines that reflect our vast terroir. He blends the best barrel lots into each of our cuvées to make consistently well-structured wines in each vintage.

I explained that Laetitia is also a “sustainable in practice vineyard.” You may have seen our signs at the winery that say SIP Certification. With this, you may also recognize that Laetitia cares about each step from plant, to grape, to harvest, to tank, to bottle. This is a powerful point in our favor, and a point of pride as an estate vineyard and winery. We have confidence that each bottle we ship meets our own high standards of quality. This is exactly what I conveyed in Chicago.

All in all I’m pleased to report that each wine found its rightful place here. Some folks enjoyed the Brut Cuvée, others the Estate Pinot Noir, others the Reserve Pinot Noir or the NADIA Cabernet.

I heard repeatedly that one glass of Laetitia or Nadia wines encouraged you to drink another—that can’t be bad for business!

Thank you so much, Chicago!

I am so grateful to be part of this exciting industry, and I hope to be back soon.

PowerPoint from Chicago Visit

You never know where wine will take you.

– Nadia

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