Namaste, Laetitia Family!

Namaste, Laetitia family. Now that I’ve returned from my spiritual retreat in India, I thought I’d share five practices I connected with in relation to Laetitia.

Hydrate. Needless to say, it was hot there, we were constantly thirsty for water—alas, there was no wine—we made do. Quenching my thirst made me reflect on the recent drought we experienced in California, this only deepened my gratitude for this year’s relief El Nino has brought to Laetitia. The vineyard is currently looking seasonably dry but isn’t parched; we’re preNadia-Indiadicting an early harvest. We are fortunate that nature provided and we have toasted the rain gods!

Inhale/Exhale.  Slow down and grasp the moment.  Spiritual practice requires much patience; same is to be said about watching the vines renew themselves each year, without thinking. Another practice is waiting for the wine as it ages in barrels and bottles. Nature takes its course as grapes grow like simple breathing, these processes happen naturally, in their own time.

Taste. In India we were encouraged to savor each bite. We ate our meals in silence leaving the flavors of our food to be our sole focus. I couldn’t help but compare this process to identifying flavors in wine. Taking the time to taste the fresh pineapple in India made me long for our delicious NADIA Sauvignon Blanc—a perfect summer wine.

Gratitude. We were constantly reminded to be thankful for all the work that went into creating each meal— from the people who bought and prepared the food, to those who cleaned up after us.  The same goes for Laetitia.  There are so many people involved in producing each bottle. We would be nowhere without our grape pickers, cellar workers and sales people who implement our vision to create nothing but the best from our terroir.  I have a deep, warm appreciation to our dedicated team for all that they do. It truly takes a village.

Dance dance dance… We lost track of time as we danced joyously each night and that feeling is still reverberating.  As I get back to a speedier life and absorb these lessons, I look forward to this July 4th weekend where I plan to savor every sip of wine from our special summer 4 pack. I hope you will join me in this.

Wishing you a happy and safe 4th of July celebration.  Laetitia will have live music Saturday and Sunday 1:00-4:00PM, we would love to see you there!   

You never know where life will take you…


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