Pinot vs. Pinot: Whole Cluster vs. Reserve

July 27, 2016

Taste – like Pinot Noir. Aroma – like fresh cut lavender on the east side of the hills of Kilimanjaro. Color – Red? Finish – yes, I finished the bottle. Huh, what’s that about??? Yesterday I interviewed Laetitia winemaker Eric Hickey about the difference in the feel and taste of my current two favorite 2014 […]

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Taste is Personal

July 13, 2016

For a while, I felt intimidated by the perceived limitations of my palate; however, it never stopped me from enjoying a good wine.  I still appreciate pairing a Pinot Noir with a beautifully roasted salmon or trying our Cabernet Sauvignon paired with; say…some delicious pasta with olive oil, garlic, feta cheese and dry roasted tomatoes.  Of […]

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