Taste is Personal

For a while, I felt intimidated by the perceived limitations of my palate; however, it never stopped me from enjoying a good wine.  I still appreciate pairing a Pinot Noir with a beautifully roasted salmon or trying our Cabernet Sauvignon paired with; say…some delicious pasta with olive oil, garlic, feta cheese and dry roasted tomatoes.  Of course, I love my Laetitia Brut Rosé with or without food.

Reading wine blogs and books has helped me develop a more sensitive palate over the years. I add tasting notes to my reading lists and view them as a guide but I admit that I’m often hard-pressed to taste crushed macadamia nuts or sarsaparilla.   My palate isn’t that honed, it does however appreciate fruit on the nose, textural balance, fine, dusty tannins and a long finish.

Friday is my favorite inbox day, thanks in large part to Karen McNeil’s blog, WineSpeed.  Its user-friendly format, quiz, techie information and informative light-hearted approach to sharing wine facts makes it a delight.  Another blogger I admire is Steve Heimoff. You can almost taste the wines through the eloquence of his writings.  Steve is also very up-to-date on our community. There are so many more blogs to follow that it could take up all my time— but I did want to mention these two as favorites.nadia books

But it’s now summer and time for summer novels. I just finished reading Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler. Set in a chic restaurant in New York City, the protagonist unsparingly describes the details of working in an environment that’s full of intrigue including hard drinking, drugs and crushes.  Needs to be read with caution…

The more lyrical writing in Sweetbitter pertains to wine for which our heroine develops a passion.  She reads classic wine books to educate herself. She studies Jancis Robinson’s, World Atlas of Wine and Karen McNeil’s, The Wine Bible, respecting the importance of academic learning in our industry.  But she truly lights up when she discusses flavors and nuance in wine beyond the books.

When you buy a Laetitia and NADIA wine you know you will be receiving quality wine that remains consistent through the vintages; that has been carefully crafted with love on our very own estate.  I’m OK missing the exotic floral notes and I intend to continue my summer reading while sipping our summer special and looking for fresh notes and nuance, flavor, finish and finesse.  How’s that for salivating wine writing?  Hope you will enjoy with me as we extend our summer together.

Listed below our some of our Laetitian’s favorite wine and food blogs!  

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