The Crush Chronicles: Part II

I have asked our Sparkling Winemaker, Dave Hickey to share his Harvest experience over the next couple of months. Dave brings this critical moment of the year in wine to life. Thank you Dave for all you do and for your dedication to creating award-winning sparkling wines for 31 years.

The Hulk helping us crush our 2016 vintage!


Dave Hickey’s Diary: 

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Pressed one load of grapes on Saturday, excellent flavors, but would like a little more sugar content.
The cool, foggy weather continues.
There are fires both north and south of us that have dropped ash in our area and reduced sunshine at times.

Light smell of smoke at times. Not enough to worry about “smoke taint” on the grapes.IMG_3502
Sampling continues.
The first tank of sparkling pinot noir has finished fermenting and has been racked to a clean tank to remove the wine from the “gross lees” – the heavy sediment at the bottom of the tank made up mainly of the yeast from the primary fermentation.

Thursday August 18th, 2016
Cool weather continues which is causing a slow ripening of the grapes— this is good— but we’re anxious to get the presses going again.
I will be driving out in the vineyard to check how the blocks actually look compared to the sampling that we have been doing.
Because of the large number of blocks and clones we are testing some samples almost every day.

Tuesday August 16th, 2016

Our cool weather continues heavy fog/overcast in the morning. Clearing skies in the late morning and bright afternoon sunshine.
Samples from the vineyard show that the grapes are ripening steadily which is good.
Perhaps pressing again on Thursday or Friday.

The Laetitia Team just crushin' it as usual!

The Laetitia Team just crushin’ it as usual!




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