The Crush Chronicles: Part IV


Owner, Selim munching on an apple (as much as we’d like. . .we can’t ONLY eat grapes.)

Eric we’ve heard from Dave and Lino. . .your turn,

What’s your take on the 2016 harvest? 

We have completed about 25% – 30% of our Pinot harvest and have just pressed off the first lots and put them to barrel.  I am VERY pleased with how they taste, so I have to give a great report so far on the 2016 harvest for Pinot.

We have not started Chardonnay yet, but what I am tasting on the vine it should be good as well.  The other nice thing is the crop is a decent size vs. last year when there was very little fruit.

For Highlands, most of the whites are in and looking good, the real test will be when we get into the Cabernet Sauvignon harvest in about 10 days, but things taste great on the vine.

According to Lino, the clusters look good, how are they behaving?

We have had a very cool summer, so the clusters have been maturing at a very slow rate, which is a nice thing in that we are not dealing with severe dehydration or really high sugars.

How many lots have completed fermentation? 

We have completed approx. twenty lots of Pinot, two lots of Sauvignon Blanc, one lot of Roussanne and Grenache Blanc, and everyone’s favorite grape – one lot of Orange Muscat.

Have you picked any of the single vineyards yet?

We picked the 459 in block X, which is La Coupelle.  It just finished cold soak and we inoculated it Sunday.

La Colline and Les Galets are waiting on some sun, probably pick them in about seven days or so.

Don’t wait for the 2016 vintage, be the first to try the newly released 2014 Single Vineyard La Coupelle! 

Whole Cluster?

We have completed five lots of whole cluster, looks fantastic.  I think with the slow ripening via the cool weather, the “green” flavors that can come from the stems have diminished.

Nerd Count


Managed to sneak a picture of the brains behind our operation. They may not appreciate this one but we sure do!

How many tons have been harvested so far?

Pinot Noir – 100.29

Sauv Blanc – 28.99

Roussanne – 9.31

Grenache Blanc – 14.55

Orange Muscat – 11.96

Merlot – 7.91

White versus reds?

108.2 red, 64.81 white

SBHV versus Laetitia? 

100.29 LTA vs. 72.72 SBH

What’s the next step?

Waiting on some sunshine to finish things off.  Now that we are in the 3rd week of September, it’s time to get going and not stop until the end.  It is hard to be patient right now!

Nerdy enough???

Definitely Eric thanks so much for your time. I’m off to hit the shopping cart to satisfy my desire for the Pinots!!!

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