The Crush Chronicles: Part III

It’s all hands on deck at the winery right now, our wine-making team is busy evaluating, tasting, and turning our precious grapes into wine. In the tasting room, our wine club is also very busy with pick-up parties and shipping our latest Wine Club to you, our dear customer. For Wine Club shipment and pick-up details click here.

I managed to catch Lino by mail yesterday for a quick 2016 Harvest recap:

Initial observations on grapes?img_5566

Good flavors balance, ripeness is optimum with good acidity.

How’s the weather?

The weather is moderate—good for slow ripening. The average daytime temperature is 70° with nightly temperatures around 52°.  This is consistent with years past here at Laetitia.

Will you be harvesting days/nights?

After a strangely slow beginning, we will be harvesting daily from now on. We also started nights late last week and it looks like we will be staying at nights through the continuation of harvest. (Night harvest is one of our biggest innovations. Grapes come in to winery cool, and the vineyard employees don’t get too hot)

Facts for our geek squad:

How many tons have we harvested so far?

208.63 at Laetitia  vs. 140.44 at Highlands

Total = 349.07 tons to date

whites vs. reds?

181.44 whites vs. 167.63 reds.  We’ve included some Pinot Noir in the whites because they’re blended into sparkling wine.

Santa Barbara Highlands vs Laetitia? (Seemed to me we are picking earlier at SBHV this year for non-sparkling wines)

We are actually about the same as last year for both ranches.

I’ve gotta go. Nadia, more next time.

If you’re like me and can’t wait for the 2016 vintage to be ready, are sad/excited about the cooler-shorter days of fall, open a bottle of NADIA Sauvignon Blanc and pray for more deliciousness in our rosy future.

A votre santé

You never know where life will take you.


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