A Toast to You

Dear Readers,

In our final blog post of the year Selim and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate your loyalty and patronage!

We give many thanks to the loyal Wine Club Members who’ve enjoyed our quarterly wine club selection this past year. We thank those of you who’ve belonged to the wine club for 1, 5 and more than 10 years as well! Without you we wouldn’t have such a sturdy and vital business. Without you to encourage us we wouldn’t create the variety of wines made with you in mind.  You are our core wine lovers and we value you for being here.

Let’s not forget to give thanks to those of you who’ve visited the Tasting Room this year. Perhaps you were making an unplanned stop on your way to Hearst Castle, or to Santa Barbara. Perhaps you hadn’t planned a trip to Laetitia but were surprised by its convenient location off the 101…

Maybe you came to hear music on a Saturday or Sunday or maybe you’re a wine buff and wanted to taste our wines from the mother ship and learn from our knowledgeable tasting room staff!

Whatever the reason for your visit, we thank you for making our job so pleasurable by being open, curious and engaged!

We give thanks to those of you who have ordered or bought a bottle of Laetitia or NADIA in a restaurant or wine store this year. Whether you live in California, or in the rest of the United States, thank you for spreading the love by drinking and reordering our wines. If you enjoyed pairing this wine with your food and want to explore more please visit our website to see the other wines that are only available online or in the tasting room.

We give so many thanks to the techies who’ve purchased wine from the website this year.  We think our site is pretty friendly and we are actively working to improve it for you. But please always let us know if you’re having any difficulty ordering.

My personal mission in 2016 was to improve our web cart experience and our communications with you. As our sales stand now we’re just a bit above last year’s level but our outreach is more focused and direct than this time last year. We believe our approach has made us more accessible. Do let us know how you think we’re doing by replying to this email! Thank you.

Finally Selim and I want to thank ALL our employees at Laetitia. Thank you for making it so rewarding for us to work to create a winery that is sustainable for future generations, to make delicious wine that is recognized throughout California and most of the United States, to be stewards of the special land we’ve nurtured and cared for the past 18 years.

Thank you, we value everyone connected to our winery and our vineyards!

With that said, it’s time to bring out the Laetitia Cuvée M bubbly and toast 2017 together. May it be a year filled with joy and happiness for everyone.

And remember: You never know where life will take you,


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