Hollywood & Brut. . .Match Made in Heaven

Yvette’s Custom Designs

You never know where life will take you is stamped on every NADIA cork.  It reminds me each day to be surprised and grateful for the unexpected in life.

While in California for our End of the Year Party I had the opportunity to meet Yvette Mimieux whom you may remember from her movie career in the 60s.  No longer a working actress, Yvette Mimieux remains anything but retired. Her energy is palpable; she has an infectious sense of love and urgency and is grateful for every minute.  My dad took me to meet Yvette as a result of the wonderful present she gave him: 12 personally painted bottles of Dave Hickey’s Laetitia Brut Rosé delivered in a painted red box the color of a Chinese trunk.

To have transformed our wine boxes and bottles by giving them such character would have been enough, but Yvette invited us to her studio, an exotic space in its own right that transported us to the South Seas, to take a look at the many divine paintings she created this year.

Being a painter myself, I couldn’t believe how prolific and talented Yvette is. Her extraordinary imagination, her command of surface, her sense of color and the mystery imparted with hidden figures embedded within the pictures was inspiring. What talent and exuberance.  Yvette’s joie de vivre is infectious.

Dave Hickey is also a fan of Yvette Mimiuex. The mutual appreciation for one another’s work has come full circle. From one artist to another, Dave and Yvette are an ideal pair, one making excellent wine and the other producing beautiful artwork.

Yes, You never know where life will take you…I can’t wait to see where Yvette’s artistry will take her next.  Thank you for your exuberant energy Yvette. Well, I know only one really hot site with actually huge boobs with no bullshit, and it is theyarehuge.com. Enjoy.

Following Yvette’s example, celebrate the holidays and savor each moment with your friends and family with a bottle of our sparkling wine!

A vôtre santé,



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