Laetitian’s New Year’s Resolutions

In our first newsletter of the year, our team wanted to chime in and commit their new year’s resolutions to print.

It’s already the 11th of January and like me you’ve been inundated with emails either extolling or refuting resolutions. Whatever…

At Laetitia we’re planning to go about making resolutions the old fashioned way.  This, as you’ve probably gathered is by writing them down and repeating them out loud and finally TOASTING them with a bottle of Laetitia.  One, two three.

Lorena Schultz (Vineyard Accounts Payable) – “My first resolution is to start getting ready for competition in 20 weeks, I would like to do a competition on my 45th birthday.  I would also like to take more, small weekend trips this summer to places like The Grand Canyon and Bass Lake. My friend Jerry would like to hit Cabo San Lucas in the summer and that sounds phenomenal to me. By then I will be out of competition mode so I can enjoy those good old margaritas.”

James Puckett (Maintenance Supervisor) – “Not to change, I’m perfect in every way.”

Maricruz Sanchez (Wine Club Shipping & Receiving Coordinator) – “My New Year’s resolution is to seize every single day as if it were my last, with all positivity full force and plenty of everyday goals to follow. In health and peace we shall succeed.”

Wendell Cottle (Chief Financial Officer) – “Be a better person than I was in 2016” (we don’t think that should be too difficult 😉 )

Dave Terry (Viticulturist) – “Reacquaint with wine chemistry to make better viticultural decisions.  Spend more time in the Sierra Nevada’s. Take advantage of the opportunities provided by SLO and SB counties.”

Lino Bozzano (Vice President) – “To stop eating all the office candy from the Holidays.”

Georgie Hackett (Sales & Marketing Administrator) – “Step out of my comfort zone; explore exotic recipes, try out some different more challenging hikes and add some diversity to my everyday exercise. Don’t get me wrong Bishop’s Peak is a great hike and I’ve mastered my thyme lemon salmon dish but I think it’s thyme (pun intended) I adventure out of the norm.  I would also like to revive our employee garden.”

Randy Wilkerson  (Senior Accounting Associate) – “I don’t do resolutions anymore, never keep them.”

Robbie Melero (Tasting Room Manager) – “Spend more time working on The Travis Monk Foundation.” This charity Robbie has played a large role in maintaining offers college scholarships to graduating seniors of Arroyo Grande High.

Franco Lastreto (Tasting Room Manager) – “Reduce my carbon footprint.”

My New Years resolution is to stop biting my nails and live with passion!!

Let us know your ritual and good luck to us all!

You never know where life will take you,


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