How Long Does Wine Last Once Opened?

Are you still in recovery mode from your New Year’s celebrations? We are. Still drinking wine, though in moderation.  Leaving half open bottles of Pinot hurts too much – but there are some secrets to extending its life.

One of our most popular blogs from our past addresses this issue, so we thought we’d recycle it for all our benefit.

Many times we are asked how long a bottle of wine will last once it is opened.  Our first answer is always, “you shouldn’t have any wine leftover!”  But, if you have some friends or family who prefer red to white or dessert wines to rose, it can be hard to find one wine to please all….and you may find yourself with half bottles left over.  While this all depends on the conditions the wine is stored in (dark and cool is always recommended) we notice that once opened, an average bottle can last about 1 -3 days.  How do you ensure it lasts?  Refrigeration can help, but try to keep the wine away from the vent in your refrigerator that lets cool air in from the freezer, as this is too cold and acts as a shock to the wine.  If you can make sure that the cork (or a substitute)  is carefully replaced in the bottle, your wine will have less oxygen contact and will remain intact longer.  If you also have one of those neat wine pumps that removes oxygen, like this one HERE, time will be on your side.

What happens when your wine has ‘gone’, or how can you tell?  Oxidation is known as one of the most common wine faults and occurs simply when a wine comes into contact with oxygen, which results in a loss of color, aroma and taste.  White wines tend to turn rust-colored, and reds (which tend to be harder to detect if oxidized) get a burnt-orange color.  The wine will taste ‘flat’ and lack flavor, depth and substance.   However, if your wine goes bad on you, there are ways to get the most out of the juice!  Try pouring the wine into an ice cube tray and freezing it.  The cubes can later be used to spice up a zesty marinara sauce, or add some pizzazz to your seafood in a garlic, white wine & butter sauce.  You can also make vinegar from leftover wine! (good recipe HERE)  So, don’t be afraid to indulge on a wine or wine style you wouldn’t normally try, now you have a back up plan!

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