Champagne Sparks Joy with (and without) Food!

My drink of choice on Valentine’s Day and to be honest, every day is bubbles.

Bubbles come typically under different names: Champagne (the gold standard by definition can only be made in the Champagne region of France). Some other names for Sparkling Wines are: Prosecco from Italy, Cava from Spain, Cremant from the Loire region of France.  In the U.S we simply refer to bubbles as Sparkling Wine.

The grapes and the process used share many similarities and the tastes are often similar, although as with any wine product there are often subtle and sometimes important variations.

In a restaurant, I’ll usually order Prosecco, less yeasty and slightly sweeter than Champagne. I like it as an aperitif even if some think it lacks the bright acidity that goes so well with food.

Champagne is delicious but typically more expensive than the other bubbles.  

In terms of value and pleasure, my taste veers more towards Sparkling Wine.  I admit I’m biased, Sparkling Wine from The Laetitia Vineyard in the Central Coast is definitely my favorite.

Our sparkling wine is made in true Méthode Champenoise style meaning that the second fermentation (the one responsible for the bubbles) occurs in the bottle.

At Laetitia our roots are French. We were first developed by Champagne Deutz in 1982. Wanting to expand to the United States,  Champagne Deutz’s management came to California, and scoured the West Coast to find a suitable location where the soils and the terroir were most like Epernay in the Champagne region of France.

Our french roots may legitimize us, but let’s not kid ourselves, we make delicious sparkling wine as we’re not allowed to refer to it as champagne.

Coquard Press

We’re not kidding ourselves either when we go through the heavy work of using our original French Coquard presses (the first two in North-America) to press our grapes at Harvest time… You’ve seen us in action and have most probably tasted the exquisite result.

Our seven different Sparkling wines have lots of natural acidity which helps them brighten the flavors of so many foods and not overwhelm them.  

From the bright acidity found in the Laetitia Brut Rosé that pairs well with salmon and duck to the sweetness of the Laetitia XD, perfect for sweeter fruit based desserts, our bubbles consistently spark joy (so don’t get rid of them…). Recipe options to pair with Sparkling Wines are endless (one of my favorites here).  


Here’s your opportunity to buy more..

The Laetitia Valentine’s Day Pack consists of a bottle of Non-Vintage Laetitia Brut Cuvée (Dave loves to pair this with potato chips), and a bottle of our 2015 NADIA Grenache Rosé a still wine that tastes great with Mediterranean food.

Try some, celebrate with us, share your own favorite food pairings, and how you celebrated your own romance this season of love.

A vôtre santé

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