Library Wine Sale

I’ve been meaning to write a profile of my father, Selim Zilkha, who celebrated his 90th birthday last month with a wonderful fête. But each time I start, something unusual happens at Laetitia that I don’t want you to miss. This time, even Dad wants me to postpone his profile to tell you about the exclusive sale of wines from the Laetitia Library.

What is a wine library? Well just what you might think: A compendium of wines from past vintages. These date back to 2001. We’ll be selling reds, whites and sparkling that you may never have tried before. Or you might have loved and not been able to find again because they were retired to create room for new vintages.

Eric, Dave and Angel are spending this week tasting all sorts of old wines, to see what we can sell and what we can’t — some may be past their prime. That way, you can be sure that whatever we’re selling has our seal of approval.

Every winery holds back some wine each year to see how it ages. We also know you’re interested in seeing how different varietals age from year to year. You may be wondering how your favorite Pinot from 2008 tastes in contrast to a current vintage.

Our first library sale ever will take place in the cellar this Saturday, May 13. Eric, Franco, Robbie and other tasting room staff will be pouring wine for you to enjoy. If you missed the cellar dinner last month, this offers a unique opportunity to visit the cellar and smell its intoxicating aromas. This special event isn’t exclusive to Wine Club members — we’ll be welcoming everyone.

For those of you who are curious but, like me, can’t be at Laetitia this weekend, we are opening up our Library by creating a limited supply of hand selected 6 packs online. I’m dying to taste our progress, so I will certainly be ordering my own!

Hope you do too while supplies last.

And that profile of my Dad is coming your way soon…

You never know where life will take you, to the cellar we will go.



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